The artist

 "For me the canvas is a friend, a confident to whom

I can express my emotions, my feelings, my dreams, my bad temper. 


The canvas welcomes absolutely everything.

Without judgement, it fixes here and now these moments 

which have no reason to exist neither in my past nor in my future".






Most of my works are abstract paintings created by the spontaneity of my feelings and thrust of life.


My main medium is acrylic paint but I love to experiment with materials, thus I  create my works with different media such as sand, wood, textile, paper. Pasting and engraving, juxtaposing layers, colors and experimenting with the fascinating effects of textures and pigments.


Painting and dance are for me an escape, breaking the routine and constraints of society. These two disciplines allow me to express my intimacy, my inner world.


I easily combine dance and painting. Taking time to listen to the music with my entire body, letting it move spontaneously and allowing my emotions to reach the canvas.


I believe in parallels between artistic creativity and existential creativity. Life experimentation is the most beautiful creation of  humans.